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Works of signalling and safety systems to regulate rail traffic in the port of Algeciras. Phase 1

The Works for the project consisting of the signalling and safety systems to regulate railway traffic in the port of Algeciras (Phase 1) are conceived with the clear objective to improve the safety conditions of traffic, with the following key points:

  • Coordinate rail and road traffic at the port
  • Order and protect the intersections of the road and railway network through signaling
  • Increase the security and reliability of the level crossings
  • Ensure the safety of railway traffic

On this Phase 1, ENYSE carries out four areas of action:

  • Works for the improvement of safety conditins at level crossings (classified for protection class B), of two intersections:
    • Intersection 2: LC 1 (I.2/ P.1) – LC 2 (I.2/P.2)
    • Intersection 4: LC 8 (I.4/P.8) – LC 9 (I.4/P.9) – LC 10 (I.4/P.10) – LC 11 (I.4/P.11)
  • Improvement of beaconing to avoid the invasion of the railway platform in l.4/P.8 by vehicles coming from the main roundabout drive towards the southern exit of the port
  • Installation of the system ENYSIC, ENYSE solution for remote monitoring of level crossings  and railway infrastructure
  • Installation of video cameras along the entire railway layout within the Port to monitor the position of the trains in real time.