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Track renewal in Palencia-Santander line. Section – Palencia-Espinosa

Tramo Palencia-Espinosa

The project consists in adapting security installations and communications of the rail network Palencia-Mataporquera, to the new tracks configuration and the speed increased up to 160 km / hour, which means an impact on the operation during the execution of the works.

Due to the modification or disassembly and subsequent reassembly of the security installations, the following installations will be modified:

  • Drives. Disassembly and Assembly of drives affected by the renovation, installation of new racks, drive rods and bolts of nail.
  • Signals. Disassembly and assembly of signals affected by the renovation.
  • Asfa. Removal and installation of beacons of ASFA
  • Needle heaters. By replacing the detours A per C the existing heating rods should be replaced by other ones according to the new detours. Detours type C have 4 rods (two straight and 2 curves) by sprat.
  • Level crossings. Dismantling and assembling of the bidirectional pedals and rebuilding of the affected level crossings as well as the A.S.F.A. due to speed increasing up to 155km / hour through the level crossings, the location of the railway signals and pedals of the level crossings, 354/772 (official) 354/852 (real)  have to be modified.
  • Track Circuits. Disassembly and assembly of transmissions and receptions track circuits FS3000 both routes and stations and subsequent adjustment,  both on route and stations it is contemplated the modification of the external equipment of 80 CV
  • Software modifications. Due to the increase of the speed, modifications are made on the electronic interlockings with ENYSE technology, indications for the pre-Ads of the stops on the coming stations are modified installing Alphanumeric screens in the advanced signals.
  • Cables for security installations.
  • Cables for audio-frequency track circuits.