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Track renewal in Palencia-Santander line, section Espinosa-Mataporquera

Renovación de vía en la línea Palencia-Santander.

The section under construction has a length of 48 kilometers of a single track electrified line. On the occasion of the track renewal between Palencia and Mataporquera and because of the speed increase up to 160 kph, it is deemed necessary the modification or disassembly and reassembly of part of the safety installations, leading to the following facilities to be modified:

  • Drives. Disassembly and Assembly of drives affected by the renovation, installation of new racks and point machines.
  • Signals. Disassembly and assembly of signals affected by the renovation.
  • Removal and installation of beacons for Automatic Braking and Announcement of Signals
  • Supply and installation of new UCD.
  • Point machines heaters. By replacing the detours type A to type C, the existing heating rods should be replaced to be adequate to the new detours. Detours type C have 4 rods (two straight and 2 curves) by sprat.
  • Level crossings. Disassembly and reassembly of the bidirectional pedals and rebuilding of the affected level crossings as well as the  Automatic Braking and Announcement of Signals beacons.
  • Due to the speed increase to 155kph through the level crossings, the location of the railway signals and pedals of the level crossings have to be modified.
  • Disassembly and assembly of transmissions and receptions track circuits FS3000 both through the route and at stations and the corresponding commissioning.
  • Software modifications. Due to the increase of the speed, modifications are made on the electronic interlockings with ENYSE technology.
  • Modification on the indications for the pre-announcements of upcoming stations stops.
  • Alphanumeric signalling installations in the advanced signals of  Alar del Rey - Aguilar del Campo
  • C.T.C. Software modification because of the modification to deviation number 7 Alar de Rey.
  • The works will be completed with the laying of cables in trenches and ducts.