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Supply and protection installation Class B, in the level Crossings of the PP.KK. 21/800, 57/740 y 87/172. Line: Linares – Almería

Línea Linares - Almería

The Project included the level crossing  PK 21/848 official 21/800,  level crossing  PK 57/795 official 57/740 and level crossing  PK 87/211 official 87/172. For each one for these level crossings the following systems were installed:

  • Protection to the road:

Four acoustic-luminous signals of double red horizontal spotlight indicating "ANOTHER TRAIN" arranged in each of the vertex of the level crossing, two of them with St. Andrew's cross.

  • Protection to the Railroad

This signal warn to the train driver of the situation of the level crossing protection

  • Closing System of the Level Crossing

The activation of the protective devices of the level crossing is done though a punctual detection on the road at  the necessary distance to obtain, at the maximum speed of the drive, a minimum time of protection of 30 seconds. For this function warning detectors are used, so that the train detection shall be selective as to the direction of traffic, detecting just the circulations directed towards the level crossing.

  • Opening System of the Level Crossing

The opening system of the level Crossing consist of:

  • A reset detector installed near the axis of the level crossing
  • An island track circuit of 150 m in length, centered on the level crossing.

The Opening of the level crossing is done automatically by the train, by  occupancy of island track circuit, the activation of the reset detector and subsequent release of island track circuit.