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Supply and installation of SLA protection class B in 13 level crossings in several lines. Lot 7

 SLA protección clase B

Actions of protection of level crossings including supply and installation of devices luminous and acoustic signalling (S.L.A.) class B protection, in the following level crossings:

  • P.K. 147/735. L/Aranjuez-Cuenca-Utiel.
  • P.K. 80/609. L/Huesca-Jaca.
  • P.K. 82/014. L/Huesca-Jaca.
  • P.K. 75/572. L/Lérida-Reus-Tarragona.
  • P.K. 77/930. L/Lérida-Reus-Tarragona.
  • P.K. 2468222. L/Linares-Baeza-Almería.
  • P.K. 246/997. L/Linares-Baeza-Almería.
  • P.K. 65/828. L/Linares-Baeza-Almería.
  • P.K. 257/337. L/Madrid-Barcelona.
  • P.K. 530/190. L/Madrid-Barcelona.
  • P.K. 1/049. L/Plana-Roda de Bará.
  • P.K. 49/960. L/Ripoll-Puigcerdá.
  • P.K. 55/042. L/Utiel-Valencia.

The works to carry out are all the necessary ones to provide protection Class B to level crossings. The main works and supply of installation materials are as follows:

  • Supply of all devices for protection and control.
  • Provision of all necessary cables to interconnect the cabin with the different elements and field devices.
  • Supply of all auxiliary elements of installation, pipes, inspection hatches, milestones, earth wires.
  • Supply of booth of devices with its protection services, lighting, auxiliary furniture, etc ...
  • Supply of fittings, protection and junction boxes to provide to the installation of the ASFA system.
  • Installation and connection of all elements, both common and specific of the installation.
  • Laying of cables in trench, the corresponding ones to notices, signals to the rail, to the track circuit, and by channelling in the level crossing zone.