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Signalling and telecommunication systems in Qalyub-Shibin-El Qanater


The actions undertaken for this Project were:

  • Installation of four electronic interlockings S3e developed according to the most demanding safety requirements set out in the regulations of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) to stations in the route Qaluib-El Qanater.
  • Regarding to the blockades is installed an automatic blockade of electronic type
  • Installation of track circuits in stations
  • Installation of high signals, alphanumeric signals, directional signals.
  • Installation of electric drives. The drives are assembled on a frame of metal  and are equipped with the linkage drives and testing
  • Supply and installation of a Telephony system of exploitation, including operator posts, switchboard at each station, central control post, supply and installation of outdoors telephones as well as the commissioning of the complete system
  • Supply and installation of Electrical Substations,  Transformers, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for both the interlockings and communication devices, etc.
  • Installation of a cable network for signalling and communications installations
  • Installation of a chanellings network which allows cable laying to access at the different field elements.

The S3e Electronic Interlocking allows, without affecting the basic hardware and by adding the necessary elements, the interconnection with other installed elements, or to be installed in successive phases - such as level crossings, conventional track  circuits, block and remote control systems.

The system is configured as "2 out of 3", equipped with three computers which are working under a Safety oriented, redundancy principle. This requires the agreement of at least two computers to issue orders to the field elements. This redundancy principle also applies to the control logic of the I/O modules.

The said redundant configuration provides the Safety features required by CENELEC to the Electronic Interlockings for railway signalling systems, plus a high availability, since a simple failure does not affect the continuity of the service, assured  by the remaining two computers without compromising the safety.