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Signalling and communications systems for the Biotrén extension to Coronel

The project "Extension to Coronel" consists of an electrified double track between the stations of Bío Bío and Coronel to improve passenger service at the same time that it is compatible with the movement of loads in the line - current and future. Within this project, ENYSE runs the necessary actions to deploy the Signalling and communications systems.

The scope concerning the signaling system includes:

  • The New EiS23 interlocking will be installed in Escuadrón, Lagunillas and Coronel. 
  • The existing interlockings, also with ENYSE tecnology, will be modified in the stations of  Bío Bío, Boca Sur and Lomas Coloradas
  • Local  Control Panels
  • Track Vacancy detection elements
  • Point Machines and Wayside Lateral signalling
  • New technical locations to implement
  • Network cabling
  • New CTC in Concepción. The ENYSIC solution, a system fully developed by ENYSE will be installed.

The necessary actions concerning the communications system will also be implemented. This system will cover the needs of each specialty, to integrate requirements and current and future capabilities, as well as the incorporation of new services.