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Security and communications installations on the route Castellbisbal-Mollet (Barcelona)

Instalaciones de seguridad y comunicaciones

Actions taken:

  • Installation of two interlockings at the stations in Castellbisbal and Ruby.
  • In the transition post of Mollet San Fost, installation of a new interlocking of ENYSE technology.
  • Modification of the existing interlockings in Cerdanyola del Vallés, Cerdanyola universitat and Mollet.
  • Regarding the blockades, installation of an automatic blockade in double track between stations Castellbisbal and the transition post of Mollet. Said blockade is related to the existing interlocking at the Castellbisbal station.
  • In the route going from the transition post of Mollet to Mollet San Fost and the route from the station Cerdanyola Universitat to Cerdanyola del Vallés, installation of automatic blockades in single track.
  • Also in this case, these blockades are related with the stations in which the existing interlockings were kept, ie Cerdanyola Mollet del Valles-San Fost.
  • In the stations of Ruby and Cerdanyola Universitat, installation of new satellite posts of remote control.
  • In the stations of Castellbisbal, Mollet San Fost and Cerdanyola del Vallés, modification of the satellite posts of remote control existing to adapt them to the new blockade.
  • Modification of the remote control central post located at Barcelona-France, first for include the new stations and second to change the remaining ones.
  • The track circuits installed are track circuits FTG - S SIEMENS jointless.
  • Installation of signals of the following type: high signals of three spotlights with white auxiliary pilot, high signals of three spotlights,  alphanumeric signals, directional signals, low signals of two and four spotlights.
  • Installation of electric drives approved and beacons A.S.F.A.