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Locking of automatic release in double track (B.L.A.D.) and CTC in route Guadalajara-Ariza

Bloqueo de Liberación Automática

The Guadalajara-Ariza route of Madrid-Barcelona line, of a length of 150 km, consists of a double electrified track,  provided with interlockings and telephone blockade between stations.

The works carried out were:

  • Installation of an evaluation electronic system of axles with single canton in routes for the stretch Guadalajara-Ariza.
  • Installation of a locking of automatic release in double track (B.L.A.D.) in the route Guadalajara-Ariza
  • Modification of existing interlockings for their connection with the new blocking system including adaptation of dashboards.
  • Modification of installed interlockings for their connection with the new satellite positions of remote control.
  • Adaptation of the existing level crossings, including verification of the fusion of road lamps and its effect in the corresponding signal opening.
  • Remote control of all interlockings using the digital transmission system of optical fibre.
  • Integration in the CTC system of the command post of Madrid-Chamartin of the remote control of Guadalajara-Santa María de Huerta route, including viewing of Ariza station.
  • Integration in the CTC system of the command post of Zaragoza-El Portillo of the remote control of Ariza station and the viewing of Santa Maria de la Huerta station.
  • Installation on stations of satellite positions of remote control, expanding the existing ones at the stations of Guadalajara and Ariza. Installation of a computer for the adaptation of transmission protocols between the electronic interlocking in Torralba station and the line of remote control transmission.
  • Equipment in all stations of Sigüenza-Ariza route of a digital transmission system PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) to 8 Mbit /s.
  • Equipment of a backbone from Guadalajara to Zaragoza with transmission system SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) to 155 Mbit /s.
  • Extension of technical locations used as cabin of interlockings at the stations  of Yunquera, Humanes, Espinosa, Jadraque, Baides, Sigüenza, Medinaceli, Arcos de Jalon, Santa María de Huerta and Ariza, for the installation of  the new equipment.
  • Extension of the existing channelling network at the stations for laying of new cables.