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Intersections of the railway network with the road network in the port of Valencia

Puerto de Valencia

The project consists of supply and installation of 17 new level crossings type E-100 of ENYSE, approved by ADIF, with a level of security SIL-4  in the Port of Valencia

The works included regulation of the railway network with the road intersections through systems of light-signalling, acoustic (type SLA) and in some cases with automatic barriers (type SBA) including regulation and marking of the affected roads.

The Installed protection systems are security installations, therefore are designed and built, taking into account, that any breakdown in any of its components has an impact in a secure condition. (Security intrinsic -Fail Safe).

The system can be controlled by authorized personnel, at walk from step.  It is equipped with a black box (recorder), which records in real time the different behaviours, both in the command module as in the peripherals of the system, allowing to reconstruct reality in cases of accidents or intermittent breakdowns.

El paso a nivel tiene un carácter modular y todos sus componentes se agrupan, en función de su misión específica, en seis subsistemas básicos:

The level crossing is modular and all its components are grouped, according to their specific function, in six basic subsystems:

  • Control
  • Detection
  • Protection
  • Supervision
  • Recording
  • Power supply