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Safey and telecommunications systems for the line Venta de Baños-Santander

Instalaciones línea Venta de Baños-Santander

The project consisted in providing the new latest generation electronic interlocking S3e, approved by RENFE and developed according to the most demanding safety requirements set out in the regulations of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) to stations in the route Palencia-Mataporquera, in Palencia, Monzón de Campos, Frómista, Osorno, Espinosa stations - El Caballo, Herrera de Pisuerga, Alar del Rey and Aguilar de Campoo.

The actions taken within the Project were:

  • Automatic locking in single track (BAU) with electronic technology between stations for the route Palencia-Mataporquera.
  • Integration in the remote control for Miranda de Ebro and remote control for all stations and blockades of Palencia-Mataporquera section.
  • Installation of jointless track circuits of audiofrequency.
  • Field elements such as signals with ASFA equipment, Drives, Telephony of signals
  • Adaptation of current communications  to the requirements of the route exploitation through CTC
  • Centrals of circulation and desks, appropriate to a functioning with CTC
  • Endowment of semi-barries of protection (S.B.E. or S.B.A.) to level crossings of current stations that lack of them and the adaptation of the existing S.B.E. and S.B.A.  to the new installations
  • Adaptation of the equipment of the line of  2.200 V existing
  • Installation of needle heaters in detours over general track in all stations of the route Palencia - Mataporquera, remote-controlled from the quarterdeck of Miranda de Ebro
  • Construction and adaptation of a chanelling and trenches network in the route of the project
  • Installation of a cable network for the signalling and communications facilities
  • Aerial laying of a  self-supported  fiber optic cable to give continuity to the existing transmision system between Barcena and Santander
  • Construcción de casetas para cabinas de equipos técnicos en todas las estaciones y rehabilitación de locales técnicos.
  • Construction of booths for technical equipment cabins  in all stations and refurbishment of technical locations