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Installation of electronic interlocking in the station Traslaviña. Line Santander- Bilbao

Instalación de enclavamiento electrónico en la estación de Traslaviña

The work consisted in providing to the station of Traslaviña (line Santander-Bilbao) of an electronic interlocking S3e, approved by RENFE and developed according to the most demanding safety requirements set out in the regulations of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

The actions undertaken in this project were:

  • Installing a commercial PC for local supervision, with the minimum required features, printer, with necessary software for its functioning and an interface man-machine in a friendly environment.
  • For sending information at distance the ports and modems necessary were provided
  • Control panel. Through an interface the conventional control panel interacts with the interlocking.
  • Installation of signals: output signals, input signals, signals of advanced and setback.
  • The track circuits installed were of conventional alternating current at 50 Hz.
  • Installation of electric drives repulsion approved in each one of the needles of the station.
  • Installation of new outdoor telephones in the input signals.
  • All signals that required it were endowed with the corresponding ASFA equipment.
  • Installation of a cable network for the signalling and communications facilities.
  • The signalling cables were multi-conductive, shielded cable, armoured cable and also of type EAPSP.
  • Communication cables are quad, shielded cable, armoured cable of type EAPSP.
  • Low power cables are copper of type VFD
  • Installation of a channelling network in the station allowing the cable laying to access to the different field elements.
  • In Traslaviña station there is a level crossing located in the PK 616/138 which is protected with type C.
  • It is a mixed level Crossing, of full track on the side of Carranza (associating the repeater of the L.C with the advanced) and affected by the interlocking on the side Aranguren (Notices will be given from the station interlocking, track occupancy and output itinerary corresponding).