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Installation of electronic interlocking in the station Guardo (Palencia). Section Matallana - Balmaseda


To ensure the circulation and availability of safety installations, signalling and communications in the section Matallana-Balmaseda, it was installed an interlocking EIS23 in the station of Guardo.

At the station Guardo, was an electrical interlocking, all relays, of ALSTOM technology, commanded by control panel of modular type.

The basic actions taken were:

  • Installation of a new EIS23 electronic interlocking of ENYSE technology in the station of Guardo.
  • Installation of a videographic operator to control through an active screen  the different elements at the station, which generates routes, etc.
  • Supply and installation of a notice of signals and braking system (ASFA) for the signals of new installation at the station of Guardo
  • Installing new electronic interlocking technology EIS23 ENYSE station Guardo
  • Installing a videographic station operator controlled by an active display the different elements of the station generates itineraries, etc.
  • Supply and installation of system announcement signals and braking (ASFA) on signs new facility in Guardo station
  • Installation of track circuits without joints in the needles areas, parking and route
  • Adequacy PN nº 169 of Guardo
  • Supply and installation of track devices and a new system of needle heaters
  • Supply and installation in the new interlocking of a separator transformer of the local supply and a device of automatic switching for selection of power supply local and high
  • Construction of a ditches and secondary channelling network. Laying of electric cables and optical fiber of security installations, communication, counter of axles, power and lock.
  • Adequacy of existing technical buildings for the installation of the new interlocking at Guardo.
  • Disassembly and lift out of all signalling installations and communications that are out of service.