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Installation of electronic equipment for the block and CTC between Carranza and Aranguren

Equipo electrónico de bloqueo y CTC

The project consisted in the following activities:

  • Installation of automatic block in the single track in Carranza stations, Traslaviña and Aranguren.
  • Adaptation of the electronic interlocking at the stations of Carranza, Traslaviña and Aranguren.
  • Reform of the CTC at Bilbao to include the interlockings and blocks of the stations between Carranza and Aranguren.
  • Supply and installation of new track circuits between stations.
  • Field elements such as:
    • Wayside Signals with ASFA equipment.
    • Electrical Point Machines.
    • Signal Telephones 
  • Installation of a cable network for the signalling and communications facilities.
  • Building and adaptation of the trenches network along the line to allow the laying of cables.
  • Dismantling of all elements from the current installations.