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Inspection services and improvement of the protection systems for level crossings, class B, C and F in the conventional network

 Pasos a nivel clases B, C y F en el ámbito de la red convencional

Inspection and improvement of the level crossings protection systems,  class B, C and F,  existing at the ADIF Sub-directions: Leon (28 level crossings type B and 27 C), Orense (27 level crossings type B, 39  C and 1 F) and Salamanca (5 level crossings B and 18  C) making a total of  156  level crossings.

Within the project are included: implementation of inspection actions, improvement of preventive scheduled, a 24 hours phone service, every day of the year, for technical advice for repair breakdowns produced in the protection systems of level crossing B, C and F.

Breakdown repair is contracted, with an answering time of 24 hours, every day of the year. The following analysis of the installations is made:

Fixed signals to the road, LCS single or double attached to the mast of the iluminated signal and to the railroad

  • Iluminated and acoustic signals to the road
  • Special Illuminated signals for train protection
  • Electric Drives for barrier.
  • Control cabinets of level crossings.
  • Detection system: electronic detectors, track circuits, obstacles detection.
  • Power and energy Systems, transformer stations, chargers and batteries.
  • Cables, installing of electrical interconnection cabinets

After the analysis, the reports of of the achieved actions are carried out to facilitate inspection programs and preventive improve for each level crossing and subsequently the improvement tasks are made in order to keep the installations under the works parameters to  ensure the safety, reliability and availability until the end of its useful life.

Finally, parts of work to indicate the installation which has been object of the action, useful working time, staff who has spoken and the materials used are made.