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Electronic Interlocking in the station El Ferrol

Enclavamiento electrónico en la estación de El Ferrol

This interlock designed by Enyse to facilitate its implantation in a wide range of railway facilities and to be adapted in a flexible way to different operative criteria signaling. With a modular configuration allowing to adapt devices to the specific size of each station. The interlocking enables, without affecting  to the basic hardware and by adding the necessary elements, the interconnection with all the  installed elements or the ones to be installed in successive reforms, such as level crossings, conventional  track circuits, and systems of blockade and remote control.

The system is configured as "2 of 3", equipped with three computers which are working under a redundancy principle directed to Security, requires the agreement of at least two computers to issue orders to the field elements. This redundancy principle also applies to the control logic of the modules Inputs and Outputs.

The actions carried out in the project were:

  • Installation of Electronic Interlocking S3e at Ferrol station.
  • Supply and installation of new signals.
  • Supply and installation of new audio frequency track circuits.
  • Supply and installation of field devices.
  • Installations for the energy supply.
  • Complement of the channelling and trenches network.
  • Supply and laying of new cables.
  • Assembly of booth for the interlocking cabin location.
  • Dismantling of the existing installations which will not be used in the final situation.