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Track-gauge changer at Albacete station

Cambiador ancho dual cabecera Este estación de Albacete

The actions below were undertaken at signalling and communications facilities of the station of Albacete, on the occasion of the installation of a track gauge changer - which connects the existing Iberian-gauge conventional tracks with the future high speed UIC standard-gauge tracks at the station

  • Displacement of points 1 and 3 and installation of junction 5, which form the track of the gauge changer.
  • Relocation of wayside signals of Albacete station and associated ASFA balises.
  • Signalling of the changer track and modification of safety installations affected by its installation and the relocation of the points. All field elements, boxes of terminals, signals and audio frequency track circuits will be immune to electromagnetic interferences.
  • Network of earthing of the elements of safety facilities of the gauge changer, for protection of the facilities and people.
  • Network of cables for the security installations of multi-conductive normalized type, according to characteristics of the different equipment to be installed, with a factor of reduction due to the future catenary of 25 Kv of the high speed line to build.
  • Lift and disassembly of the existing installations.
  • Modification of the field elements of Albacete station, including cable path and laying.