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Adaptation of the Signalling to the new railway access of Levante's HSL

Acceso ferroviario de alta velocidad de Levante

Adaptation of the existing Signalling and telecommunications facilities at the conventional network in  Albacete, due to the disruptions generated by the electrification system  of  the New High Speed Railway Access of Levante, in order to operate under the maximum conditions of safety and reliability.

As a result of the influences produced by the 25 kV ac traction system of the Levante high speed line, it's necessary to adapt the Signalling and telecommunications systems between La Gineta and Albacete stations, belonging to the conventional line Alcazar de San Juan-Alicante. For this reason, in the first 6 months of execution of the Works, the following field elements shall be assembled and connected:

  • General signalling and communications cables, with reduction factor, on the La Gineta-Albacete section
  • Anti-disruptions ASFA devices, on the La Gineta-Albacete section
  • Audio-frequency Track Circuits, on the La Gineta-Albacete section

In this way, the installation will not be affected by the 25 kV HSL catenary, and the corresponding tests are conducted without affecting the interlocking, which is of the electronic type EIS23, of Enyse, located at La Gineta station.

Other important actions taken are:

  • Replacement of the cabin and new electronic devices in the intermediate post of La Pinilla, controlled from the interlocking  of La Gineta
  • Modification of the electronic interlocking EIS23 of Enyse at the station of Albacete
  • Modification of the Local Control Center of Albacete
  • New Videographic Local Control Center, telephone exchange and operator desk at La Gineta station
  • Installation of an electronic system for a Two-way Automatic Block, in double track, (BAB), centralized between the interlockings of La Gineta and Albacete
  • Provision of anti-disruption ASFA system
  • Installation of SDH devices in the cabins of La Gineta, La Pinilla and Albacete, as well as segregation of the optical fiber network between La Ginea and Albacete
  • Electricity supply through the 2,200 V line in La Gineta and the intermediate post at La Pinilla.