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Adaptation standardization SBA phases 1, 2 and 4

Adaptación normalización SBA

The project consisted in the adaptation and standardization of seventeen level crossings throughout Spain. The protection systems of level crossings are security installations therefore, are designed and constructed taking into account that a breakdown in any of its components affects the security condition. (Intrinsic Safety Fail-Safe).

The level crossing is modular and all its components gather according to their specific mission, in six basic subsystems:

  • Command
  • Detection
  • Protection
  • Supervision
  • Recording
  • Power supply

All equipment are approved by the MTC or are installed in PN with semi-automatic barriers, currently in operation.

The subsystems are housed in two cabinets:

  • Main cabinet of switchgear, equipped with all necessary devices for the automation, including unlocking equipment, timers, etc., sockets 220 V and 24 V and equipment differential protection magnetothermic with automatic reconnection.
  • Cabinet for electric power of the level crossing with batteries, charger, protections, etc