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February 27, 2023, Burgos |

Signalling and Telecommunication systems for Aranda de Duero


L102 between Madrid Chamartín and Bifurcación Aranda is being upgraded to enhance rail communications with Burgos and the North of Spain. In this framework, Adif has signed with the Enyse/Telice joint venture the contract for the Signalling and Telecommunication systems needed to replace the telephone block in the Bifurcación-Aranda de Duero section. This is approximately 100 km of railway whose main upgrade will be based in the installation of a new EiS23 electronic interlocking at Aranda station, along with Vital Object Controllers at Lerma and Burgos-Rosa de Lima – in order to control de block with Bifurcación.

Enyse’s solution includes Axle Counters for stations and blocks, LED wayside signals and electrohydraulic Point Machines. Point Heaters will also be installed and the ASFA national ATP system will also be ugraded. The line will be commanded from the CTC at Miranda de Ebro, with particular focus on cybersecurity topics.

On the Telecoms side, a new FO cable will be laid along with multi-modal access networks and an Operational Telephone subsystem. The project includes the supply of power for all systems above, with new Transformation Centers at Gumiel, Fontioso and Sarracín, as well as the refurbishing of technical rooms and a new cable network for the line. Work will be carried out in phases with an expected duration of 15 months.