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September 05, 2022, Barcelona |

Power SCADA at Barcelona and Zaragoza


Adif has signed with an ENYSE/CYMI Joint Venture the contract for the construction project and execution of the works associated to the plan for remote control of section breakers at the North-East sub-directorate of operations.

The project includes the implementation of a remote control system for catenary section breakers or switches, which will allow the execution of orders both locally and remotely from the Central Power Remote Control Post.  The associated works are characterized by the large number of the sites where the works must be carried out - 132 main control nodes and over a thousand switches, the implementation of electric drive controllers plus local and remote energy control networks, the associated civil works and the technical rooms necessary for the integration of the new elements at Adif’s Central Power Control posts at Zaragoza and Barcelona.

This 57-month contract conveys from Adif a relevant message of confidence in the railway companies of the Cobra Industrial Services group - in the case of ENYSE, in its execution capacity and its ability to carry out technological integration of control solutions.