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September 06, 2022, Oviedo |

EiS23 electronic interlocking at Veriña and Serín stations

Altos Hornos

Adif has signed with Enyse the contract for the renewal of the Signalling and Telecommunication systems of the Villabona-Calzada de Asturias section, within the final stretch of the L130 Line running from Gijón to Venta de Baños. The section includes the stations of Veriña and Serín, giving access to the important industrial facilities of Aboño, Poago, Musel-Gijón Harbour and Ensidesa-El Valle, whilst providing services to commuters between Gijón and Oviedo.

The new Signalling system includes the installation of new EiS23 electronic interlocking at Veriña and Serin, as well as block equipment at the Villabona and La Calzada stations which will interface with the existing electronic interlockings. New LED wayside signals will be installed along with the national Digital ASFA system; vacancy detection will be based on Jointless Track Circuits for both stations and blocks. Fixed telecoms will be upgraded as well, updating the power, cabling and technical buildings to cope with the new system.

Control of the section will be integrated in the CTC located at Oviedo, where a working position of the Central Maintenance System will also gather all information coming from the Local Aid Systems and Access Control Systems. Works will be carried out according to the usual Safety standards, particularly to the PD CLC/TS-50701 - D7E6 Railway applications – Cybersecurity.