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June 20, 2022, Madrid |

Enhancement of the Vicálvaro marshalling yard

Vicálvaro Clasificación

Adif is turning Madrid-Vicálvaro into the most important hub within the seven intermodal logistic centres considered as strategic in the Iberian Peninsula. These structures are integrated in the TEN-T Trans European Transport Network, connecting the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors thru the railway links between the main ports of Spain and Portugal.

The upgrade works transforming the Vicálvaro terminal kicked off in 2019 to transform - in three phases, the old marshalling yard into an automated installation for intermodal transport units. Built in 1973 with three yards totalling 47 tracks, the railway complex in Eastern Madrid has been growing along the Henares corridor – the logistic corridor with the highest density of railway traffic in Spain. The dry ports of Coslada and Azuqueca are served thru the corridor, the aim at the end of the works being that Vicálvaro covers the services currently provided at the Abroñigal terminal.

Within the first phase of these works, Adif has awarded phase 1B to a Dragados/TECSA Joint Venture, including the complete upgrade of the yard accesses – Chamartín, Torrejón, Vicálvaro Commuter; the inclusion of 4 new tracks and reshaping of the general tracks; the enhancement of the stationing lengths and gradients in the depot to allow maximum loading capacity of 750-meter length trains.

In this scenario, Dragados/TECSA has awarded Enyse the contract for the new electronic interlocking at Vicálvaro intermodal station. The installation works will be executed by phases, following the interventions on the tracks, at the end of which the EiS23 interlocking will be controlling the most relevant hub of the Trans European Transport Network in the Iberian Peninsula.