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April 10, 2021, Madrid |



The EUROTRACKS project is encompassed within the area of Control Command and Signalling (CCS) systems - it proposes an innovative technological solution to meet the following basic objectives:

  • To provide a global solution for the different elements installed on the track through integrated infrastructure management and communication with “the cloud”.
  • To maximize the efficiency and transport capacity of the railway.
  • To facilitate rail interoperability and compliance with the European Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) of Control Command and Signalling.
  • To be able to manage the railway operation with several operators. This need is derived from the beginning of the liberalization of passenger transport by rail - the "Fourth Railway Package" aims to create a single European railway area.


To achieve these objectives, the EUROTRACKS development project will be built upon the ENYSIC OA Operational Control Center (OCC). ENYSIC OA is the advanced management, command and control system responsible for communicating with the railway infrastructure in order to manage both traffic and maintenance duties that co-exist on the network. In order to do this, and because it is the systems integrator, it must be able to connect with most railway systems and applications of high level of information, including other Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) systems. It will be designed to communicate with the Radio Block Center (RBC) of the ERTMS.

This powerful integration will be achieved through an open, last-generation platform which is capable of adapting and evolving with the new developments that markets offer. This development complements those that ENYSE has already set in motion, such as the Euroblock23.

The innovative aspects of the Project include:

  • The use of an open commercial platform, which will allow rail customers to access the platform using standard tools. This fact will make it easier for the client to use other providers to modify the application code and will promote competition.
  • The ERTMS management, including the standard EULYNX protocol, adaptable to other communication protocols.
  • Communication with or integration of other management systems – SCADAs for Energy Control, Building and Environmental Management Systems as well as management of railway assets and assessment of cybersecurity requirements.
  • Configurable user interface for different railway exploration rules and real-time communication interface for different railway operators.
  • Predictive Maintenance Function through communication with CCS equipment and systems for the early detection of possible failures, using the IoT Internet of Things technology.


Significant advantages of the EUROTRACKS project going forward:

  • Facilitate the opening of the railway market to different passenger and freight operators so that, by accessing a common platform, they are able to govern their fleets separately, with real-time connection feeding their own management systems.
  • Possibility of implementing a Predictive Maintenance system of the elements under the control of the OCC based on the information collected on hours of operation and failure rate of the various system components. This aspect is very important in terms of costs and planning of maintenance tasks in addition to providing a plus in system availability.


This ENYSE R&D project will offer the market a new product that improves the daily use of the existing equipment and aims to be a key piece for technological and commercial leadership over the upcoming years.



June 24, 2021



April 10, 2021