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February 01, 2021, Madrid |

ADIF awards to the Enyse/SICA consortium the Maintenance services of the Power SCADA System of all conventional lines


An Enyse/SICA consortium has been awarded with the contract for the Maintenance services of all components of the Power SCADA System of Adif’s conventional lines and the Substations control system of the metre-gauge network.

The contract will have a 24 month life span up to 2022, its main objectives being as follows.

  • Execution of a regulated Preventive Maintenance plan, common to all Central Power Controls, using highly specialized personnel and equipment envisaging an optimization that brings down the number of faults and incidences.
  • Execution of 24x7 Corrective Maintenance works for equipment and software.
  • Protection of personnel and assets which might be affected by the Power system.
  • Assessment and improvement of the Reliability and Availability indexes.
  • To watch over the adequate level of Safety of the operational staff involved.
  • To extend the life cycle of the system, thus optimizing the investment of Adif.


The maintenance services will cover all equipment and programs currently being used by ADIF in all the Power SCADA systems of its conventional lines – a total of 12 main servers in charge of 20 Operational Control Centers. Plus the Remote Terminal Units at the 16 substations feeding the metre gauge network in the North of Spain, from the Basque Country to Asturias. It also includes the Spare Parts management as well as the eventual replacement of individual elements during the life of the contract due to technical upgrades.