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June 24, 2020, Chile |

FESUR awards the Overhead Lines System upgrade to an Enyse/Cobra/SEMI consortium for the Laja-Hualqui section in Southern Chile.

Fesur 2

A consortium of ACS Group companies, Enyse/Cobra/SEMI, has been awarded with the contract for the upgrade and improvement of the entire Overhead Lines System in the Laja-Hualqui section, for which the replacement of the entire contact line has been considered, along with strengthening the support system across the section. Both the catenary and the contact line will have its mechanical tensions revised through the installation of new elements for its automatic regulation. Execution time for the Project is 14 months.


The overall rationalization of the OLS system is also envisaged, through which electrification works will take place in the ac and dc portals in order to solve the traction return issues towards the power substations. With this aim, only the electrified railway lines providing passenger services will be kept in revenue service within the Laja-Hualqui section.


The contract includes de design, supply, installation and commissioning of the Overhead Lines System, with works taking place within the existing railway traffic conditions, using the working slots made available by the customer FESUR.  


The major objectives of the project include


  • Replacement of the Contact Line between Laja and Hualqui.
  • Replacement of the Messenger, or catenary, between Laja and Hualqui.
  • Replacement of the triangles support system.
  • Rationalization of the catenary at stations.
  • Upgrade of the 3,000 V dc portal at stations.
  • Renewal of the 2,300 V ac feed for the Signalling system.


The Project is part of a railway development plan for Chile, which has a budget above 5 billion dollars to be deployed until 2027.