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April 17, 2020, Chile |


S2 concepcion

In the past month of April, the modification of the Conception station (EFE-FESUR) and its corresponding update were put into service at the CTC located in that city of Chile. The main improvements have been made to the Ercilla and Desiderio Sanhueza interlocked Level Crossings, both with E-300 technology from Enyse. The EiS23 electronic interlocking has been prepared for the relationship with 5 affected level crossings - Salas, Angol, La Mochita, Sanatorium and Lorenzo Arenas. On the other hand, the exit signal S2 has been shifted to achieve a better exploitation of the circulations coming from the Bio-Bio line. This signal has been equipped with alphanumeric signals that indicate the destination routes.

Once the works in the electronic interlocking and terrain were completed, the new configuration of the central CTC-ENYSIC in Concepción was loaded and the local operation post (PLO) was updated in the Emergency command post, located on the line Hualqui - Concepción - El Arenal - Coronel, to continue offering maximum availability of facilities.

For these actions, we appreciate the effort made and give a big thanks to all the personnel in the line as well as the team at the headquarters in Madrid, especially in this period of confinement due to the Coronavirus pandemic.