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December 04, 2019, Antequera |

TECSA/DRAGADOS awards Antequera bypass

Variante de Antequera

Adif has awarded the Tecsa/Dragados UTE with the contract for the superstructure and track access works of the conventional line to the High Speed Line station at Antequera. The 6.3 million eur contract includes the construction of a connecting track from the conventional gauge line between Bobadilla and Granada to access the future HSL station. Antequera is part of the Córdoba-Granada HSL at the so-called Bobadilla-Antequera junction, which makes way for the connection of this line to Spain’s central plateau.

Tecsa/Dragados has awarded Enyse with the Signalling works requested by Adif to be executed on the current line, number 426, running from Granada to Fuente de Piedra, in the Antequera-Maravillas section of the conventional line. Several phases will take place until the total integration of the new field elements – wayside signals, point machines, track circuits,… in the current electronic interlocking.

The scope of the works is located between the railway junction at Maravillas, the intermediate post and the Antequera station itself, where lateral signals will be re-located or newly placed, as well as a new layout of the audio frequency track circuits, cable trenches and ASFA balises, as well as the associated telecommunications. The existing electronic interlocking and its Local Control Panel will  also need to be modified.