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February 09, 2018, Santiago de Chile, Chile |

Automation of Level Crossings in Águila Sur and Patria Nueva for EFE

Cruce Patria Nueva

EFE (Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado, local train authority) has awarded to SISTEMAS SEC the enabling project for complementary system with automatic railway barriers at Águilas train crossings.

The project includes the implementation and commissioning of two automated train level crossings in Águila Sur (fullway lane crossing) and Patria Nueva (affected level crossing).

Due to the terrain unevenness in "La Oveja", "Lo Blanco" and "La Selva" automated train level crossings, some equipment will be reused in the two train level crossings.

In addition to the aforementioned works, the project also includes the development of an interface for the new control centre, ensuring a correct interpretation of status information provided by the automated level crossing, whether they were “affected type” or “fullway”.

In this case there are 16 train level crossing affected by the change, including Águila Sur and Patria Nueva. The status information is transmitted through optical fibre up to the control centre.

This project is very important to cover the need to control automated crossings, in compliance with the provisions of MTT’s DS N° 47/2016.