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February 09, 2017, Lugo and A Coruña, Spain |

ENYSE, a ACS Group’s company has been awarded the contract for the automatic protection of level crossings in the Palencia-A Coruña line

Railway signaling

ADIF has awarded ENYSE, a ACS Group’s company, with the supply and installation of two new SLA level crossings, developed with the new ENYSE’s E-300 level crossings technology, with communication via radio and a reduced consumption.

The project scope includes the B class automatic protection supply and installation, through ADIF rotating beacons and sound solutions in level crossings in the K.P 477/525., in Gutiriz, Lugo and in the K.P. 480/052, in Aranga, A Coruña, both in the Palencia-A Coruña line.

The ENYSE’s E-300 level crossing, approved by ADIF, is conceived according to the highest signaling standard, whose safety level is SIL-4 (Safety Integrity Level-4), meeting the CENELEC regulation. In addition, it is cost-efficient thanks to the modules’ further integration with the racks, a fastest installation and decreased civil works (due to the wireless technology). This level crossings has a remote surveillance system for the corrective maintenance.

The control command subsystem has a main equipment a central command in the level crossing booth next to peripherals and it is connected with the remote peripherals (warning and signals) via a modem radio network.

The level crossing counts on electric power and the remote peripheral such as alarms and railway signaling will be fed by photovoltaic panels and the communication between the former and the central command will be via a radio system. Directional electronic detectors will create the alarms.

Level crossing’s monitoring will be guided by the specific protection signals, placed at each side of the level crossing with its appropriate braking distance. Protection on road will be effectuated by four horizontal red acoustic and light signals with the words: “OTRO TREN” (another train).

All the equipment has been conceived in order to get an easier installation and maintenance.