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February 02, 2018, Biscay, Spain |

Adif awards ENYSE two E-300 level crossings in Biscay

Basconia, Santa Agueda

ENYSE will be the company in charge of installing level crossings provided with Class-C protection (automatic half-barriers) in Santa Águeda and La Basconia, belonging to the Metric Gauge Network (Adif-RAM), for Adif.

The current level crossings will be replaced with E-300 system, set up for radio communications and solar energy use, and approved by Adif since 2013.

The E-300 level crossing has been developed by ENYSE in continuation of the ENYSE’s E-100 level crossings that have been on the market since 2002. The abovementioned information represents an adaptation of the company's portfolio to the new electronics and communications technologies. This is a modular and flexible system according to the railway signalling requirements concerning safety, reliability, availability and maintainability during its whole useful life in accordance to the standards required by the relevant CENELEC regulations. It is also designed in accordance with the railway signalling safety standard, with the highest level of Integrity Level Safety (SIL-4).

The E-300 level crossing offers significant advantages over previous generations:

  • Modular design: greater integration concerning rack modules and quick installation.
  • Minor Civil Works (with wireless technology).
  • Solar energy technology reducing power energy consumption.
  • Wired and Wireless technology options.
  • Remote monitoring system for preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Possibility for integration in the ERTMS-ETCS European Signalling system.
  • All equipment has been conceived for an easier installation and maintenance.
  • The new solution is designed to work with solar panel power in a 100% isolated mode.

ENYSE has installed more than 800 Level Crossings throughout its history, including systems with relays and electronics from different travel cards. This extensive experience is a guarantee for success of the projects in which the company is involved.